Susan Dehncke is able to assist you regarding obtaining Guardianships of adults and minor children and Conservatorships. She does not get involved in writing Wills or Trusts. Guardianships of adults may be necessary where a person becomes elderly and is unable to make their own decisions. Alternatively, a Guardianship may be necessary for a child with developmental disabilities who turns 18.

A Guardianship for a minor child might be necessary where the parents have left the child without a Power of Attorney or are unable to parent the child. A Guardianship also may be set up where it is expected that it will continue for longer than a Power of Attorney would be appropriate. Guardianships can be established both with and without the parents’ cooperation. Please contact our office to determine whether or not a Guardianship would be appropriate in your situation.

Conservatorships are necessary for adults who are unable to manage their own finances or occasionally for minor children who receive a significant amount of money which needs to be handled under Court supervision. Please contact our office for further information regarding Guardianships or Conservatorships.

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