Mr. A.L.

In by American Office Solutions

Charge – Attempted Resisting & Obstructing, Possession of Marijuana
Forfeiture – $4,900.00 and a hold on out-of state bank account

On June 13, 2018, Defendant was stopped by Michigan State Police Troopers for driving in the passing lane on I-94. At the stop, the troopers claimed they could smell Marijuana. Defendant was the driver and was ordered out of the vehicle. Defendant then reached into his back seat to get his phone. Defendant was arrested for attempting to Resist and Obstruct an officer as he did not get out of the car as fast as the troopers wanted and Possession of Marijuana as the troopers found nearly 20 grams of Marijuana. The Michigan State Police Troopers also took all of Defendant’s money ($4,900.00) claiming that it was drug proceeds and froze all of his out-of-state bank accounts.

On September 5, 2018, Mr. Brandt got both the Possession of Marijuana and Attempted Resisting & Obstructing dismissed and Defendant plead guilty to Disorderly Conduct and was given a fine.

On September 5, 2019, Mr. Brandt fought the forfeiture and, after sending Interrogatories to the Michigan State Police, the forfeiture case was dismissed. Defendant got all of his money back and the holds on all of his bank accounts were lifted.